Tips for Using the API Documentation

The Cybereason API documentation is a comprehensive guide containing conceptual information on the Cybereason API as well as a full API reference for all supported API requests.

Documentation structure

The API documentation is divided into the following sections. Go directly to the section you need to find relevant content.



Get Started

A very high-level introduction to the API.

Cybereason APIs and REST

A conceptual discussion of REST API basics and how the Cybereason API uses the REST API architecure, including some basic examples.

Use the API

Conceptual information on how to use the Cybereason API on a practical level, including:

  • An introductory topic that walks you through the process of starting to use the API

  • A full list of all supported API endpoints/requests

  • Permissions required to run different API requests

  • Common uses and use-case examples

  • Details on how to use the API to retrieve data for integration with other platforms

API Reference

The API reference for each type of API (organized by product task area) and API reference pages for all supported endpoints.

Query API Appendix

A collection of topics on how to use the more complex investigation query API.

Reference topic structure

Each API reference topic is organized so that each part of an API request (URL, headers, body, and so forth) has a separate section. The topic begins with the endpoint URL and a brief description to introduce you to what task the API performs.

Example of request body for a request to get Sensor data in the Postman API client


The Request Body section provides the required JSON request body, not a full script. This enables you to adapt the request body and use it your own API automation framework.

Using code samples

Each reference topic provides a number of samples, including a template of the request body, as well as code samples that show an application of a particular API. For each code sample, we provide the sample code as a cURL command, as a request for a REST API client, or a Python script. Use whichever format best helps you.


The REST API Client and Python tabs contain a link to download the JSON request body file or Python script file to use in your own environments.

Example of request body for a request to get Sensor data in the Postman API client

You can also view the download links for all scripts on the Example Script Downloads page.

All Python examples are formatted for Python version 3.0 and higher, up to the latest Python version. If you are using versions of Python earlier than 3.0, ensure you manually remove parentheses for the print statements in this sample. For example, the print (response.content) statement updates to print response.content.

Useful topics for reference

You may find these topics particularly useful when learning or using the API: