REST Architecture

The Cybereason API uses the REST (Representational State Transfer) architectural style. This architecture includes a number of different properties:

  • Separation of items (such as data storage and access mechanisms) between a client and the server.

  • Client and server interaction, where a client supplies a request and the server returns a response with this information.

  • General uniform interface across all instances using the same method of access, request, and response of information

As part of this architecture, you send a request to perform a particular action – such as retrieving, creating, updating, or deleting an item – and your server performs the action on the data stored on the server side. In turn, the server returns a response with the results and requested data. For details on requests and responses, see Requests and Responses.

The Cybereason API uses the HTTPS protocol to communicate between your client and your Cybereason server.

In line with REST architecture, the Cybereason API utilizes standard HTTP verbs, including:




Retrieve the current state of the requested data


Create resource data


Update resource data


Delete a resource

For more details on these HTTP methods, you can view the HTTP Standards documentation.

You can use cURL and REST client browser plugins to access the Cybereason API. In addition, it is possible to use your programming language’s client libraries to create scripts to access the API.